Ten Ways to Torment Your Employees with Technology

The technology products adopted in businesses over the last couple of decades have brought productivity improvements of unbelievable scale for a wide range of workers.

Unfortunately, improper implementation or inadequate management of these products can lead to system outages, data loss, lost profits, and very unhappy employees.

This article identifies ten items that we often see in the technology assessments we conduct for our clients. Hopefully your employees aren't experiencing any of them! If they are, however, you'll find corrections can provide dramatic results for your organization.

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Conducting Effective Software Selections

Sorting through competing products to determine the best fitting software for your organization can be an arduous task.

We have found that following the ten-step process described this article will reduce the risk of selecting an inappropriate product while providing the confidence to move forward with a technology decision that can bring substantial benefits to your business.

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What Your IT Staff May Not Be Telling You

While often pursuing similar goals, there is too frequently a disconnect in communication between business leadership and technology staff.

This article provides some help for the non-technology manager called upon to lead technology staff in their organization.

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It is 10:00 PM, Do You Know Where Your Data Backups Are?

You often hear technology professionals say that virtually any Information Technology disaster is eventually recoverable - If you have appropriate data backups in place.

For that reason, when conducting technology assessments for our clients we look closely at their data backup procedures. Surprisingly, in nearly half of these assessments we find significant deficiencies in the backup process.

This article provides a checklist to review with your technology staff or services provider to make sure appropriate procedures are being followed.

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Information Technology Staffing - Five Key Roles

Maximizing the contribution of technology to your organization is vitally dependent on having the appropriate IT staff in place.

This article provides information on the key roles to consider when staffing the IT function.

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Do You Need New Enterprise Software?

While software that integrates activities across your organization can bring significantly improved operations and profitability, it also comes at great cost and considerable risk.

This article provides questions you should consider in your business before committing to a large-scale software implementation.

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Getting Your IT Infrastructure Right in a Cloud World

The good news for businesses today is that there are more options than ever for developing a technology infrastructure that can work effectively for your organization. However, a challenge is presented given the choices can be a bit overwhelming.

This article describes five infrastructure models using leading-edge practices. At least one of these should provide a good fit for your business.

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E-Mail Systems - Six Steps to a Solid Foundation

The prolific use of E-Mail in business has arguably brought more impact to our work habits of any technology seen over the last two decades. Managed well, E-Mail systems can be operated with very high availability at costs even the smallest businesses find affordable.

However, poor design or management of these systems can lead to excessive outages, high support costs, and permanently destroyed information.

This article provides Six Steps to successfully selecting and managing your E-Mail platform given the technology options now available.

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