Interim CIO Services

In today's competitive environment, technology is core to the success of any business. However, many times businesses are forced to focus on the "urgent" technology problems - notebook computers that don't work, networks that aren't reliable, E-Mail that disappears - instead of planning their environment for success and deploying innovative solutions.

Do you need the insight of a CIO to be competitive? For most businesses, the answer is an unqualified "yes". Can you afford one full time? For all but the largest businesses, the answer is "probably not".

OnCourse Technology Group provides the insight of an experienced CIO on an "On Demand" basis to assist your organization with making key technology decisions, selecting and managing the solution providers to implement these decisions, and maximizing the value you receive from every technology dollar spent.

Information Technology Strategic Planning

Linking the fundamental goals of your business to an IT strategy is an imperative for success in today's competitive climate. We begin the planning process by reviewing your business strategies and objectives along with in-place IT systems, architecture, and the IT organization itself. This information, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of innovative trends and leading practices, will allow us to collaboratively develop a plan for best meeting your long-term needs.

Commercial Software Selection

Success in implementing new software starts with the selection of a product that best fits your needs. OnCourse Technology Group's Software Selection Methodology provides a framework for making objective decisions based on products' actual abilities and not on vendors' often embellished claims.

Because we don't profit from the sale of any product, you can rest assured that the choices being made are judged on one criteria - what's best for your business.

IT Vendor Management

Seeing through vendors' claims and understanding their actual abilities is vital in ensuring you see the expected returns from your technology investments.

OnCourse Technology Group has extensive experience in selecting technology products, negotiating contractual terms, and making sure vendors' products and services are delivered in an effective manner.

We are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of IT vendors and will make sure that optimum value is received from each IT expenditure.

Business Process Improvement

Many times, the answer to improving your business isn't new technology but rather changes in business processes that can be brought about using the technology products you already own. We will review adequacy of your current application suite and work with you to determine potential improvements that could be achieved through refined processes, more consistent usage, additional training, or better integration across individual applications.

Custom Application Strategies

The utilization of custom software can often bring a competitive advantage to businesses. Our extensive experience in the development of custom software and its integration into the enterprise will give you the confidence to pursue projects that can improve your operations and profitability.

IT Project Execution

Successful IT projects require careful planning and disciplined execution. OnCourse Technology Group's extensive experience and detailed Project Execution Framework lead to confidence that your projects will deliver the expected results within cost and schedule constraints.

IT Infrastructure Planning

A well-planned IT infrastructure is critical in providing the reliability and security needed to support key business operations. Our experience in data center planning, voice and data networking, security, capacity planning, and disaster recovery can ensure a cost-effective and reliable design that suits your business needs.

Information Technology Organization Planning

Organization of the IT function itself is a key to getting results for your business from technology investments. We have extensive experience in implementing the processes needed for an effective IT organization, bringing quality to IT service delivery, and developing strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining IT staff.

Project Recovery

Despite your best efforts, IT projects sometimes fail to provide the expected results while meeting budget and schedule constraints. If your project is struggling, we will provide a third-party, objective evaluation of its current status and assist in developing a revised plan for success.