Business Results Driven

At OnCourse Technology Group we have a passion for understanding how businesses work and how technology can make them better. Targeting the opportunities that can actually improve the business is a key component of our planning process. In the end your investments should not be just about solving IT problems but rather about seeing measurable improvement in your operations.

In-Depth Technology Knowledge

The number of IT products available has grown at an exponential level over the last decade. Our detailed understanding of how these products work, how they work together, and how they fit into your technology infrastructure is key to your making the most effective use of technology in your business.

Independent, third-party advice

A key differentiator between OnCourse Technology Group and other consulting firms is our strong belief that recommendations for your business should be made by those without bias of any kind. Our relationships with technology vendors allow us to understand the available leading-edge solutions that can improve your business. However, we do not sell any type of hardware or software product nor do we accept compensation of any kind from any product or service we may recommend.


We deliver on our commitments because of our strong background in both business and Information Technology. We believe that when you engage a professional consultant to help with your business, that individual should begin the assignment with the requisite training, experience, and industry knowledge and not be trained at your expense.